Huang Shengwei, the person in charge of the Department of Endowment Services of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, stated publicly that cancelling the establishment of an endowment institution will open up "blocking points" and eliminate "pain points" for old-age services. As early as 2018 Nian 7 Yue 18 , the State Council executive meeting decided to cancel the pension institutions established license. 2018 Nian 12 Yue 29 implementation of the "elderly Protection Law People's Republic of China" to cancel the pension agency from the legal establishment license. 2019 Nian 1 Yue 2 days, Ministry of Civil Affairs issued a circular calling for the implementation of the civil affairs departments at all levels will not permit the establishment of the pension agency, do the registration and record management according to law, strengthen supervision of pension institutions thing in hindsight, good regulatory policy and advocacy modify the boot, Further deepen the reform of "delegating management services" for senior care services and mobilize social forces to participate in senior care.binance api signature,  In 2018 , 475,800 new urban jobs were created in Xinjiang throughout the year . The surveyed unemployment rate was 4.1% , and the registered unemployment rate was 3.3% . The surplus labor force in the rural areas transferred 2.805 million jobs , completing 103.61% of the annual target .

  Zheng Zhijun noticed that most of the money received by Xu Xuemin came from a chairman named Duan.binance api signature