The National Counter-Terrorism Office today answered questions from reporters regarding the passage of the so-called Uyghur Human Rights Policy Bill 2019 by the U.S. House of Representatives , expressing strong indignation and firm opposition to the U.S. approach. Slander and unprovoked accusations. >> DetailsEthereum 2.0 Mining Project,  2018 Nian 9 Yue 6 after day, Yang, Cai and others gathering to discuss Kansai airport incident, and the publication of derogatory "Osaka office" public authority and civil servants contents of the article, the night 5 Shi 57 Fen by " IDCC " account issued by PTT impact 1. Lead the direction of public opinion. After 1 minute, Yang again passed the "Kaohsiung Group" group, instructing the group members to push the article up, spreading it to spread quickly, and blatantly insulting the "Osaka Office" and civil servants. From the seized Cai Nan's mobile phone, the prosecutor found a large number of screenshots of members of the Net Army and information about his salary from Yang.