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  Baigezhuang Bus Station 5 : 30-22 : 30 ; Huoying Bus Station 6 : 00-23 : 00 .kraken pro create account,  Reporters learned that, in the next year ( 2020 years) 3 Yue 31 Recently, as long as the proposed application or directly into the government belong to three groups of people, in line with the conditions laid down in the policy, can reissue from qualifying month, the longest possible Reissued for 6 months. In other words, the applicants for the disability care subsidy mentioned above will not affect the eligible senior citizens' entitlement policy time because of the speed of the assessment. Other senior citizens who do not enjoy the policy on time due to special reasons will promptly discover the problem. Correct the reissue.

  In July 2018 , with the approval of Yibin Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission Supervisory Committee conducted a review and investigation of Zhang Hui. After investigation, in addition to intervening in the Wuliangye liquor distribution rights, Zhang Hui also had other serious violations of discipline and laws. In January 2019 , Zhang Hui was fired from the party and fired from public office.kraken pro create account